My kava story

Hello my name is Rachelle and I want to start off by thanking you for browsing and taking the time to hear my experience as it truly gives a glimpse into the heart of OhanaKava. I was introduced to kava while visiting the Big Island of Hawaii in 2008. At the time I was obstaining from any mind-altering substances including alcohol. I had tried kava once before on this same trip on the Hilo side but didnt really feel anything and hadnt drank alot of water so I actually had a slight headache. I was unaware of its diretic affects (which means best to be hydrated) and the reverse tolerance meaning it may take a time or two for your brain to build the receptors for it and the longer you drink it the less you need to feel the effects.Meaning you wont build a tolerance.  I had thought to myself, "maybe kava is just not for me?" Until a few days later I came across a kava bar, Kanaka Kava, in Kona. I was drawn in by the whole vibe of the place. They were playing reggae-dub music in the background, and everyone there was really engaged with one another, looking at eachothers eyes while conversating, smiling and speaking intently. The lights were a natural tone and you can hear the waves of the ocean across the street. I was curious again to say the least so I ordered a shell of kava. It was exactly that, served in a coconut shell (which is what I use in gatherings ihost today). This was kava served in the traditional way, filtered only through water. The taste is earthy and slightly bitter but after the first few sips i grew more fond of the connection of drinking this earthy root elixir and the taste grew on me. After the first shell I felt a wave of warmth wash over me and while drinking my second shell the melodic music in the background inspired me to sway back and forth, dancing completely comfortably by myself. At the time, not having alcohol or drugs as a crutch in social situations, this was pritty out of character for me. I just loved the way I felt, comfortable in my skin and relaxed but slightly elated at the same time. I just KNEW that this medicine was exactly what I needed in my life and I wanted to share with everyone I knew! I wanted to respect the plant and carry it in an honorable way. I asked permission from the owners of the bar and kava farm. They were happy to share with me offerings/prayers shared while drinking, how to make kava tea and knowledge around the root itself. They helped me to build a supported relationship with this root. I brought kava back to the main land with me to share with friends and family and began to incorporate kava into my evolving spiritual practice. Discovering how much more accessible deeper states of relaxation were while using kava beforemeditation, and how I could be more in my body when using alongside yoga. I started making tinctures so that I could bring kava on the go and take it conveniently.  I have improved the recipe several times to get to the one I offer today. For the first few years I made tinctures for friends, family and myself for personal use, and offered at the local farmers market when I lived in Costa Rica. It wasn’t until 2015 when I grounded into a home after several years living a gypsy life that I decided to make OhanaKava into a business. I had more than enough personal experience for what kava was doing for my life and a ton of amazing feedback from friends and family that I knew I wanted to share with all those that could benefit from this amazing root.  My most rewarding way of sharing kava is through ceremony. Offering an opportunityto build a relationship with the plant that honors its lineage and sacredness by drinking in an intentional way. There is so much beauty and depth in these exeriences! Paired with yoga and sharing circle, it creates a well rounded experience. Another way I enjoy honoring this root is by donating portions of our profits to organizations helping to protect sacred land. Its one way I feel like we can honor those that came before us and protect land and culture for future generations. My plan is to continue growing my ohana through sacred connection and showing people that holistic plant remedies work. I want people to feel like they have options that aren’t gonnainclude a laundry list of side effects. Everyone moves through stress and anxiety/depression have been on the rise. We have effective tools at our fingertips that will allow us to grow and use our dis-ease as a launching pad to mind, body, spirit health! Today I make a kava topical balm used for pain relief by reducing inflammation, alcohol and alcohol-free tinctures, kava/CBD extracts and balms and a delicious Fire Cider  (see product page for details). I get to host and co-host beautiful ceremonies, workshops and retreats that fill my heart everytime. I want to bow in deep graditude to you for exploring healthy ways to keep your mind and body vital. You not only do this for yourself but you create a ripple effect. I am always available to answer questions and hear what you have to say so feel free to connect anytime. Thank you for being a part of my Ohana.