Ohana Kava is a grass roots company founded upon the knowledge and studies of what kava can provide! We are honored to carry and offer access to such an incredible root. Kava in an extremely versatile plant that can be used in a variety of different ways and situations. Whether taking medicinally to focus, relax, ease pain etc.,ceremonially to create a deep connection to self and those partaking, or to find ease and balance in social situations.

Kava creates a mild euphoric effect as it increases GABA in the brain to soothe symptoms of stress and anxiety. Just like prescription anti anxiety meds but without the undesired side effects. Kava has no "come down" or withdrawal and no lethargy. Just clear grounded awareness! Kava is also a nootopic, boosting brain function, clarity, creativity and memory.  As an extremely effective adaptogen it increases the body's ability to resist damaging effects of stress and restore normal physiological function. On top of theses beautiful aspects, kava reduces inflammation not only in the body to assist with pain, but in the brain which can be the source of PTSD, depression, addiction, anxiety, and even some cancers. Kavalactones bind to the CB1 receptors, stimulating the endo cannabinoid system, maintaining physiological, emotional, and cognitive stability.

Our kava products are 100% organic and all natural. The noble kava used in our products is a Fijian Waka kava organically grown and sustainably harvested in Fiji. It is lab tested for any harmful substances and products are hand crafted in La Jolla California.

Our hope is that you find more peace and a deeper connection to self and everything around you through introducing kava into your life. We are honored to support you on this life journey!