Upcoming Events/Retreats

Welcome, we are so happy you're here! Ohana Retreats was created to offer deeper more expansive experiences to our community. With kava as our rooted foundation we co create with guides and experts in their field to create a magical retreat experience. We explore a variety of healing tools and modalities in beautiful areas around the world. Tapping into the ancient culture of each place while weaving in evolved healing techniques. We create a safe container for deep exploration within the self and connection with others. 




We are a dynamic team of women here to hold space for a joyful, healing and empowering journey. 
Dr. Bailey Feeney- Chinese medicine & Acupuncture @boho.doc
Mary Smith- Holistic health coach
Alicia Smith- Yoga & Astrology @aliciasmithyoga
Sonia Bachir- BUTI yoga, Mystic Thrive Oracle readings @mysticthrive
Kelly Wilson- Nutritional cook, gardener @sacredsoils
Rachelle Campbell- Host, Kava ceremony @ohanaretreats 


Dr. Bailey Feeney- Chinese medicine & Acupuncture @boho.doc

Dr. Bailey started her wellness journey over 15 years ago when she became inspired by the practice of yoga and completed a yoga teacher training. This love of yoga and its ancient wisdom expanded her awareness to the power of energy medicine. This landed her in Santa Cruz at Five Branches, where she earned her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Through working with hundreds of clients and years of study, she has come to see and understand the effect mindset and intention has on the healing journey. In order to support her clients further through a mind/body connection she joined the Life Coach School and will be certified by May 2022. 

Dr. Bailey's practice in Chinese medicine, yoga, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle  embody a whole mind, body, spirit aspect to the healing journey. She is dedicated to offering her knowledge and skills to intentional gatherings focused on women's empowerment and growth.


 Alicia Smith - Yoga Teacher, Holistic Lifestyle Advisor, and Spiritual Mentor 

Alicia believes that in order to live a balanced life in our modern world, we must honor and trust ancient wisdom, therefore, she is dedicated to guiding others in feeling at home in their body, at ease in their mind, and balanced in their everyday life through Yogic teachings, Astrology, and Psychology.

In 2012, Alicia graduated from Fairfield University and went on to work for an independent, boutique production agency in New York City. While the excitement and glamour of this industry spoke to her love of travel and creative expression, Alicia found herself searching for more in life and began to practice Yoga at a tiny studio in her then Brooklyn neighborhood. This quickly became her escape from city life and the stresses that came with it. This very studio opened the door to what it was she was searching for on a soul level and where she went on to complete her first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Soon after, she quit her budding career in the production industry and moved to Lake Tahoe, CA where she still resides and teaches in-person and online. Her mission is to create and hold space where she not only shares tips, tools, and teachings, but uses her own life experiences to help others achieve balance, find their truth, and feel thier very best physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.



Sonia Bachir - MysticThrive

Sonia has an innate knowledge of how whole-body wellness improves one's life. Pursuing dance in her early 30’s she awakened to sacred vibration and, through her own personal journey, discovered her passion for following one's bliss.

She is a yoga teacher, sharing the movement medicine of Buti Yoga and spiritual-life coach in Santa Cruz, CA. A conduit for love and light, she created MysticThrive, offering intuitive guidance to help cultivate positive transformation. Blending Oracle card readings and the wisdom of yoga, she helps create personalized techniques to release negative-limiting beliefs and energy that prevents one from living their full potential. She encourages curiosity to discover how universal love communicates with you. A personal alchemy so you can move forward with faith and optimism.Thriving in confidence to co-create the life you want to live and the courage to say “Yes!” to what ignites your purpose.

Rachelle Campbell - Host
Rachelle has been working with and sharing kava since she was first introduced in 2010 on the Big Island of Hawaii. She honors the ancient tradition of kava ceremony in the way she was shown by local Hawaiians.  The euphoric yet grounding effect of the kava sets the tone for intentional gatherings, creating a platform for deep heart connection. She has shared kava throughout the United States and in numerous other countries through ceremony, workshops, and pop up kava bars-providing knowledge about the kava roots medicinal, social, and spiritual benefits. Her passion for kava shines through her line of hand crafted kava products that provide direct access to its multitude of medicinal and health benefits including the treatment of anxiety and depression. She received her 200hr Yoga and meditation training at Yoga Alliance certified Luminous Heart Institute in Costa Rica in 2019. As well as a certification in Buti, a more modern approach of combining yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics. Rachelle is combining a myriad of ancient and modern tools through the most recent creation of Ohana Retreats. She is dedicated to creating expansive gatherings with women and for women.